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Patient Education

Patient Education

Transforming lives through improved health journeys that last a lifetime. We have pinpointed the root cause of various medical issues: an underdeveloped airway. Our team offers personalized solutions and comprehensive treatment plans tailored to your needs. Join our upcoming patient education seminar to embark on a transformative path towards better sleep.

“As a dentist, I possess a distinctive advantage in examining a patient’s oral health, enabling me to detect signs and symptoms of significant medical conditions.” ~ Dr. Scott Kennedy DDS

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Patient Screening

As you step into the Dynamic Family Dentistry, we prioritize guiding you through a comprehensive patient screening process.

Throughout your screening, we place great emphasis on analyzing the results of your home sleep test. This includes a thorough assessment using 3-dimensional x-rays, posture and alignment examination through photos, a comprehensive head and neck evaluation, and digital impressions. Each component of your examination forms the building blocks for your personalized treatment plan and upcoming appointments.

We are thrilled to welcome you to our office and embark on this journey towards a healthier life together.

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Additional Sleep Resource Videos

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Mouth Breathing &

Sleep Apnea

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Your turn to make a move

Does your child exhibit any of the symptoms linked to sleep-disordered breathing?

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How Our Sleep Treatment Can Help


By addressing and treating the underlying factors contributing to snoring, we can improve people’s health and well-being.

Sleep Apnea

By diagnosing and treating the root cause of sleep apnea, such as addressing upper airway obstruction or addressing underlying medical conditions, we can significantly improve individuals’ sleep quality and overall health.

Mouth Breathing

By identifying and addressing the root cause of mouth breathing, we can promote better health and well-being for individuals.


By identifying and addressing the underlying factors contributing to bedwetting, such as bladder dysfunction or psychological factors, we can help individuals achieve better overall health and quality of life.


Through tailored treatment plans that address the underlying factors contributing to ADHD, we strive to help individuals improve their focus, impulse control, and overall health, leading to a better quality of life.

Allergies and Asthma

Recognizing symptoms of an obstructed airway such as allergies and asthma, we provide effective interventions and treatments to help individuals alleviate their symptoms and improve their respiratory health.

How We Can Help

With our expertise in diagnosing and treating sleep apnea, we provide comprehensive care and support to patients, empowering them to live a healthy, happy life with improved sleep and overall well-being.

Managing Sleep

Our trained Dentist practitioners are dedicated to providing quality treatment, addressing the root cause of sleep apnea.

Return To Normal Life

Treatment may assist you with your return to a normal life, free from breathing issues.

Quality Of Life

Unlock a life on your terms without the limitations of being held down by sleep apnea

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